Established in 1997, the Abhishek forwarding & logistics Pvt Ltd(AFLPL) specializes in customs clearance, freight forwarding, transportation and other activities related in the field of imports and exports.

With currently two branches in India the first being initiated in Kolkata and the other situated in the busy metropolis of Mumbai.

The agency consists of more than two hundred dedicated and highly skilled employees offering their expertise in the area of logistics.

With so many years of experience, Abhishek Forwarding & Logistics Pvt Ltd(AFLPL) focuses on making businesses more efficient in their day to day activities, promoting commerce worldwide and connecting nations for the sake of business purposes.

Gaining momentum over the last decade, Abhishek forwarding & logistics Pvt Ltd(AFLPL) has come to be one of the prominent names in the Indian logistics industry.

Earning the trust and exceeding the expectations of our satisfied clients has helped in the expansion of the business and contribution to the reputation of Abhishek Forwarding & Logistics Pvt Ltd(AFLPL).

We continually strive to uphold the needs and requirements of the clients, making sure that goods are delivered with care to any location around the globe, on time.

Aiming to meet the future with our much-varied clientele base from large multinational companies to individual domestic small scale companies, we move forward with shared success.

Our qualified and competent staff will undertake any measures to serve you. Whether you meet them at the seaports or airports, their presence will guarantee smoothness and efficiency in handling your goods.

In short, your choice of Abhishek Forwarding & Logistics Pvt Ltd(AFLPL) would ensure the elimination of tedious and hectic issues which are involved with the transportation of goods worldwide, to the right place at the right time.

Our motive of moving your goods from source to destination with care, hassle free brings you to the world.